Thanks to E-Cautions, simplify your surety management process

Centralize your surety management activity within a single platform. E-Cautions puts all the stakeholders in direct contact: +70 bond issuers (banks and insurance companies), +200 applicants (construction, energy and environmental companies) and beneficiaries (local authorities or public bodies).



E-Cautions, the reference platform

A centralised platform connected to all your issuers

Request all your bonds to the issuers you work with every day

Lifecycle end-to-end Management

Manage each step in real-time and in few clicks: bond’s request, digital signature in 5 minutes, release, handover…

Secured Beneficiary access

Thanks to a unique identification code, the beneficiary checks the bond authenticity directly on the platform

User profile management

Reduce the risk of error by defining your users’ roles according to their responsibility with regard to the bond

Real-time reporting

Track your open, current or released bonds and monitor your outstanding by issuer and subsidiary


With E-Cautions, access to nearly 70 performance bond issuers

Connected to nearly 70 bond issuers on the market. E-Cautions facilitates and centralizes the management, online signature and follow-up of guarantee requests for any construction and industrial company.
Operated by VIALINK, Certified Trusted Third Party, E-Cautions guarantees the confidentiality and compliance of transactions. It thus allows the beneficiary to simply and securely verify the authenticity.
E-Cautions allows you to make and sign a deposit request in less than 5 minutes. The automation of exchanges speeds up the obtaining of the surety and facilitates its monitoring until release.
E-Cautions accompanies you throughout the life cycle of your contracts, from the request for proposal to the release of the deposit after execution of the works.

Ask for and sign your performance bond in less than 5 minutes.